Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
While I'm definitely the reading addict in our family, this time my husband beat me to this book.  After I read it, I can see why.  This is an awesome mystery!!  Nesbo is a Norwegian writer, so think Girl with the Dragon Tattoo kind of crime.  Same with Unwanted.  What is it with these Scandinavian writers? They have a twisted mind when it comes to crime, murder, sex, etc.  However, seeing as I'm strangely addicted to these books, perhaps that says something about my taste in literature as well? Regardless, Nesbo can certainly write.  He's written a number of books with the lead detective, Harry Hole (okay, we want to say it like American - hole - but it's actually said 'Hoo-lee' in Norway:).  Harry is an alcoholic, obsessive, strange little detective, but all together brilliant.  In The Snowman, he's chasing a murderer who, yes, leaves a snowman each time he kills.  And he always kills on the day of the first snow.  If you don't like brutal crime scenes, I'd stay away from this book - it doesn't pull any punches.  This is a psychological thriller that leaves the reader in one direction, then another, and then another, until we are just as twisted up trying to figure out 'who done it' as our good detective Harry is.  It's a great cast of sidekicks as well, with an intriguing ex-girlfriend, a few friendly detectives, and some weird doctors, but at the end of the day, it is Harry Hole who dominates the story, and the crime scenes.   I will be purchasing the next Harry Hole book as soon as I can get to the book store.

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