Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Twelve  by Justin Cronin
If you go back to the beginnings of this blog, you'll see one of my first posts on Cronin's huge best-seller, The Passage.  The Twelve is the subsequent sequel becaus, God forbid, an author not capitalize on making even more money than the first time.  Now, with that said, I have to admit I read this second book just as obsessively as the first.  I am a self-confessed fan of post-apocalyptic literature; something about this genre is fascinating to me.  Perhaps it's the hidden fears I have about my children's future, or I've watched too many doomsday movies, or I just want someone to finally write about a future that's positive (that never happens).  Whatever it is, I'm obsessed and  The Twelve  does not disappoint.  Cronin once again gives us a variety of characters who are battling the end of the world, as the 'virals' continue their march towards dominance (remember - military science experiment gone REALLY wrong - only the government would give serum to convicted murderers, turning them into vampires, to see if they could create an invincible armed forces).  However, these creatures have eaten everyone so it's time for some new heroes to emerge, as well as some of the old characters from the previous book.  And what quest is complete without the sacrificial lamb, the little girl Amy, all grown up now.  Cronin does a masterful job of weaving together a variety of places, people, and problems.  I read this 538 page book in five days - my husband got no dinner and my essays went ungraded.  And was worth it.  I now wait anxiously for the third book.

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