Friday, June 7, 2013

The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan
If you like dance, art, and Paris, you will like this book.  Historical fiction, it follows the story of a little dancer at the Paris ballet in the 19th century.  Degas, the famous impressionist who was part of the realist movement, chose little Marie as a model one day.  Ultimately, he created one of his most famous pieces from the time spent with her.  However, the focus is actually not on the artistic world of the painters, but more on the life of these young girls and how they are treated by the Parisian ballet.  The ballet moms are like today's helicopter moms, but on steroids.  Walking on the side of abuse, as well as sexual harassment, the story is told from two sister's point of view, with one as a successful dancer and model, and the elder sister who has taken a dangerous, addictive turn.  Melancholy at times, but fascinating in the life of the ballet, it is an intriguing story.

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