Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Woman and Springtime by Brandon Jones
The premise of this book is interesting...a girl in North Korea, living in an orphanage, becomes friends with another girl, one from a very different background from her's.  This wealthy, spoiled girl winds up orphaned through bad luck, where as the main character has been 'reeducated' in the gulags of North Korea.  Through a variety of poor choices, these girls wind up in the hands of the sex trade.  It's a pretty brutal story, though I questioned how well-researched the book was.  I doubt it is as easy to 'escape' from North Korea as author Jones makes it out to be.  While the story was quite disturbing in so many ways, I wished that it was more factual and political.  The last one-third of the book takes place in Seattle, where the sex trade is a serious problem, so it felt more 'real' when it got there.  The two girls and their stories are compelling and it is an intriguing read, just not the 'best' ever.

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