Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson
As a huge fan of The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series, I had high hopes for another mystery written by a Swedish writer.  I was not disappointed.  The story takes off right from the first chapter, with a distracted mother standing on a platform, watching the train leave the station, with her six-year old daughter onboard.  When the train pulls into the next station, the little girl is gone...and the mystery begins.  Ohlsson creates an interesting crew to solve the mystery - the chief with a big reputation, the new detective with more book knowledge than experience, the sleazy partner who cheats on his wife, and the nerdy media specialist whose love life seems suspect.  The families who are the victims are also well-drawn, with both their background history and the location of the bodies part of the solution.  As the disappearances and deaths pile up, the puzzle pieces remain scattered.  It's not until the last thirty pages, that it all comes together.  This is definitely a very gripping mystery.  I'm already anxious for Ohlsson's next book in the series to come out; I only hope she can equal this one.

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